Unicorn Alchemy: Turning Your Uniqueness into Gold


Thursday July 25, 2024 | 8:15 am

As Albert Einstein famously remarked, "Everybody is a genius." And yet, we often find ourselves trapped, like a fish asked to climb a tree. Your purpose in life, as Pablo Picasso so eloquently put it, is to discover your gift and share it with the world. Your uniqueness is your superpower, your magic.

But how do you uncover that magic, your genius?
Well, that's precisely what this captivating keynote and panel discussion are all about.

Prepare to be electrified by an 18-minute keynote from Damion Morris, CPSM. In this edutaining storytelling session, Damion will illustrate the magnetic power of embracing your uniqueness, setting you on the path to discovering your true calling.

Following the keynote, Damion will host a panel discussion featuring AEC Marketing trailblazers who had the audacity to follow their callings. They'll entertain and inspire you with tales of transformation, sharing how their bold decisions reshaped their careers and lives. Prepare to be armed with priceless insights and practical tips, empowering you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery, courage, and innovation.

Check out the full list of main stage presenters, or browse the education program.