Call for Volunteers

Calling all Volunteers

SMPS is seeking future leaders for the 2024 Amplify A|E|C Conference Committee. Held annually, AmplifyA|E|C is the premier marketing, business development, and leadership experience designed to educate and connect leaders in the A/E/C industries. In 2024, Amplify A|E|C heads to Salt Lake City and will take place July 24-26. The 2025 conference will take place August 6-8 in Columbus, OH.

The Amplify A|E|C Committee serve as thought leaders to ensure meaningful engagement and a significant educational experience.

This committee is specifically tasked to:

  • Work with SMPS HQ staff leaders to develop the scope of program content
  • Set parameters for workshop presentations and requirements for prospective presenters
  • Participate in session selection
  • Work with SMPS staff to identify potential sponsors and exhibitors

The Amplify A|E|C Committee Chair is specifically tasked to:

  • Preside over all committee meetings
  • Guide committee members toward active participation, decision making, and achieving consensus
  • Lead committee in identifying the key messages to be delivered throughout the conference experience

Chair-Elect (two-year commitment: 2024 and 2025 conferences)
Supports the Committee Chair and works with SMPS HQ staff to guide the direction of educational content, networking opportunities, sponsorship, and promote the conference within the parameters of the budget approved by the Society board of directors.

The Committee Chair-Elect is specifically tasked to:

  • Work in tandem with the Committee Chair to advise the work of the committee
  • Work closely with the Committee Chair to keep the committee running smoothly
  • Prepare to assume the Committee Chair position

Program Content Leader (two positions available, 16-month commitment)
In coordination with the Committee Chair, Chair-Elect, and SMPS HQ staff, ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program is organized and presented at Amplify A|E|C.

The Committee Program Content Leaders are specifically tasked to:

  • Work closely with the Amplify A|E|C committee to select the educational program
  • Work with SMPS HQ staff to create language for the call for presentations
  • Lead discussion on program needs and direction
  • Must be a current SMPS member
  • Must have attended at least three SMPS Build Business/Amplify A|E|C conferences within the last 10 years
  • Must possess superior leadership and organizational skills
  • Must be willing to sign a confidentiality and conflict of interest statement
  • Must be employed within the professional services industry
  • Employer must support your participation
  • Must participate in volunteer committee training program
  • Must be able to attend Amplify A|E|C 2024 and in-person planning meetings
  • Must be able to participate in monthly conference calls
  • Past Amplify A|E|C conference chairs and past Society board presidents (this does not include SMPS chapter presidents) are not eligible to serve in these positions

If you are interested in serving and qualify, please submit your application by Friday, May 19, 2023